Drugs that can raise blood sugar include isoniazid;digoxin;niacin, nicotine patches or gum;diuretics water pills ;steroids prednisone and others ;phenothiazines compazine and others ;thyroid medicine synthroid and others ;birth control pills and other hormones;seizure medications dilantin and others ;cold or asthma medications;diet pills, stimulants, or medicines to treat adhd; ora calcium channel blocker such as diltiazem tiazac, cartia, cardizem , felodipine plendil , nifedipine procardia, adalat , verapamil calan, covera, isoptin, verelan , and others.

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In patients with severe hypothyroidismthe recommended initial levothyroxine sodium dose is 12.5-25 mcg/day with increases of 25 mcg/day every 2-4 weeksaccompanied by clinical and laboratory assessmentuntil the TSH level is normalized.

Many other medicines can be affected by your thyroid hormone levelsCertain other medicines may also increase or decrease the effects of levothyroxine.

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